Outlook Calendar Transfer (OCAL) simply transfers meetings/appointments between Outlook and Android with just a few clicks. It is compatible with the standard calendar app which comes with your phone. You may update meeting details (e.g. meeting place or time) in either side and sync up the other side with this app. This software package consists of 2 components: Misplaced Phoneone component running on your Android downloaded from Google Play, and one component running on your PC downloaded free from here . There are 2 versions of this software: the full trial version and the paid version. The full trial version has a time limit.

  Paid version Full Trial Vesion
Functionality Full Full
Trial period Not applicable 7 days
Upgrade Not applicable To full license
Payment method Thru Play Store Thru Paypal/Credit Card

If you have already installed the drivers for your Android device on your PC, installing this software package is a breeze. Here are the features:


The User Interface (UI) of this package runs on a Windows PC:


What can you do with it?

  1. Transfer calendar items between Outlook and Android in the direction you specify.
  2. Update meetings in either direction.
  3. Find the number of calendar items existing in Outlook / Android.
  4. Delete old meetings to clean up your storage.
  5. Support recurring patterns without exceptions.
    Examples of supported: every Tuesday with or without end date; the 3rd Monday of each month; the 4th of July of each year.
    Example of unsupported: 3rd Monday of each month except a certain date; the 4th of July of each year except leap years.


  1. Download Outlook Calendar Transfer or Outlook Calendar Transfer Trial from Google Play. After installation, run the app and click [Check license] to make sure your software license is delivered to your phone.
  2. Download Outlook Calendar Transfer Console software from here and install on your PC.
  3. Go to Developer Options on your phone (help). Enable USB Debugging (watch demo). If your USB connection is set to "charge only", change it to MTP (search web for help for your device).
  4. Connect your Android to your PC; wait for driver installation; and run the Console software.
  5. When you run the console for the first time, your anti-virus software may ask if you allow this app / adb to run. Give them full access. Also check on your Android if it needs your approval to connect.

Limitations and Restrictions

  1. This app supports up to 1000 appointments in Outlook.
  2. Each event subject should be unique. For example, if you have many events with subject "Pay Day",
    you need to change the subject of each event to something like "Pay Day - June8".
  3. The time zones of the Android device and Outlook must be the same.
  4. This app does not support multiple calendars in Outlook.
  5. Holidays in Outlook calendar are not transferred to Android.

Known Issue

  1. After you transfer your Outlook Calendar to Android for the first time, recurring events started in the past are missing in Android. This is a known issue with Android. More information can be found by searching "android calendar repeating events missing" in the web. Android does not create instances of a recurring event if the event started in the past.
    Solution: Transfer the Outlook Calendar to Android a second time. This will force Android to create the instances.

Further details

Software Versions supported

Windows versions supported: Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
Outlook versions supported: Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013
Android versions supported: Android 4.0 and later versions.

Android with existing Calendar Accounts

This app creates a new calendar account named "Outlook" in your Android device. The color of this account is brown. All your existing calendars/accounts will remain intact and will not be touched by this app. The "Find the number of existing events" option will not include events from your existing accounts. It will only report events in "Outlook" which is local and does not sync with any other servers.

With this app you can keep in your Android device your existing calendars which sync with their suppliers. At the same time, you can keep a separate Outlook calendar which syncs with this app.

What events can be edited / updated in Android

Outlook events that you organized can be edited in Android. Other events can only be updated by the organizer. Furthermore, time for recurring events should not be changed in Android as the changes will not be transferred to Outlook. Outlook does not allow time changes in recurring events by any app except by Outlook itself.

Outlook Copied Appointments

Outlook events copied from an unknown source (prefix "Copy:") cannot be updated. When syncing from Android to Outlook, another copy of such an event would be created to allow updates from Android. This is one reason why the event count is higher in Outlook than in Android.

Identification of an Event

This app identifies an event by the organizer and the meeting subject. This app also looks at the meeting place and the meeting time to identify a meeting. Furthermore, you cannot change both the meeting place and time in an update as the meeting with the new place and time will be considered a brand new event.

Deleted or Canceled Events

If an event is deleted or canceled in either Android or Outlook, it is not automatically deleted on the other side during a calendar transfer. This will give you a chance to recover an event deleted by mistake. If an event is really meant to be deleted, it has to be done manually on both sides.

Common Issues

  1. Android Debug Bridge (ADB) driver not properly installed in PC. You may check if the ADB driver is installed in your PC with the procedure at this link: or this link:
    Samsung phone may be under "Samsung Android Phone" in Device Manager instead of "Android Phone".
  2. PC not set up to run HTA. The console software is an HTA (html application) which should be run with "mshta.exe". File type .hta should be associated with mshta.exe. If not, then you can download the fix from here:
    Look for the row for .hta and download the fix. Unzip it and double-click on the .reg file.

About USB Android Debug Bridge (ADB) Driver

The adb driver should be installed automatically after you connect your phone to your PC for the first time with SUB Debug enabled. If your have trouble, see this video for help.

Where to get ADB Drivers

This video shows you how to install ADB driver and where to download it:

In general, just search the web for your device (e.g. "adb driver download for htc one").

How to Enable USB Debugging (watch demo)

USB Debugging must be enabled on your Android phone for this software to work. The procedure to enable it depend on your Android version:

- On devices running Android 3.2 or older, you can find the option under Settings > Applications > Development.
- On Android 4.0 and newer, it's in Settings > Developer options.

Note: On Android 4.2 and newer, Developer options is hidden by default. To make it available, go to Settings > About phone and tap Build number seven times. Return to the previous screen to find Developer options.

Notes on Windows 8

While installing the console software, you may get the following warning:

"Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk."

To continue with the installing, click "More info" and then click "Run anyway"

Some devices may not have drivers for Windows 8 yet. During driver installation, you may have to use "compatibility" settings to complete the installation when prompted.

Preservation of Outlook Calendar Data

The mapping of Android and Outlook data fields are shown below:




Calendar Name    
ORGANIZER Organizer  
TITLE Subject  
DTSTART Start The time event start
DURATION Duration  
ALL_DAY AllDayEvent  
REMINDER.MINUTES ReminderMinutesBeforeStart  
RRULE RecurrenceType
olRecursDaily = 0
olRecursWeekly = 1
olRecursMonthly = 2
olRecursMonthNth = 3
olRecursYearly = 5
olRecursYearNth = 6
Day of week mask
Least significant bit - Sun
followed by Mon, Tue, Wed...
Most significant bit - Sat
Recurrence rule
RDATE RecurrenceStartDate Recurrence date
EXRULE   Recurrence exception rule
EXDATE   Recurrence exception date
0 - busy
1 - free
2 - tentative
0 - free
1 - tentative
2 - busy
3 - out of office
0 - none
1 - required
2 - optional
3 - resource
0 - organizer
1 - required
2 - optional
3 - resource
0 - none
1 - accepted
2 - declined
3 - invited
4 - tentative
0 - none / simple meeting
1 - organizer
2 - tentative
3 - accepted
4 - declined
5 - not responded
0 - tentative
1 - confirmed
2 - canceled
0 - non-meeting
1 - meeting
3 - received
5 - canceled


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Outlook Calendar Transfer Console reported that I had 106 events in Outlook and 100 events in Android after syncing. Should the counts be the same?
    A: This occurs when there are "copied" items in Outlook. "Copied" items cannot be updated. Therefore the console software has to create another copy in Outlook to transfer the updates from Android. There is another reason why the event count is lower in Android. If 2 events have the same organizer and subject, these events will be considered the same event in Android if they take place at the same location or time. This will also reduce the event count in Android.
  2. Q: What is UMS and how do you turn it off?
    A: UMS stands for USB Mass Storage. It should be turned off (if available) for this app to work. To turn it off, connect your Android phone to the PC. Hold your Android in portrait position. Put your finger at the top of the screen and slide it all the way to the bottom. Click "USB Connected"; then click "Turn off USB Storage". Android tablets have different procedures to disable UMS that can be easily found from the web. UMS is not available for newer devices.