About Us

We are a group of software developers who are ex-employees of high tech telecom companies. Our experience permits us to generate innovative software to work effectively in the cellular networks. We focus on the smartphone sector. Our vision is to have our software running in half of the World's smartphones. We definitely have the experience, the knowledge and the ideas to meet this challenge. Our list of ideas accumulated throughout our years in the telecom industry can fill a book. We have projects that will keep us busy for years to come. Stay tuned. You will find software from us that will make your life easier and happier.

Our Product Directions

We need a stable revenue stream to keep our business going. To avoid putting all the eggs in one basket, we decide to develop several lines of products in parallel. These product lines include productivity, communication, entertainment, and games. We also accept contracts to develop customized software to meet your specific requirements. We can develop in java, javascript, vbscript, vba.net, html, php, c++/c# and sql. Invester and business enquiries are welcome.

Introducing Outlook Contacts Transfer for Android

Outlook Contact Transfer (OCT) gives you better control than most sync software. It lets your decide which side (phone or PC) has more reliable data and start the sync from there. The user interface cannot be simpler and no configuration is required. Just install and start using it. Here are the features:

For details, please visit our product description page.